Jonas Wäfler

Position: PhD Student
Office: B-222
Email: first name DOT waefler AT item DOT ntnu DOT no

The nature of the future power grid can only be guessed at the current moment of time. However, it seems to be save to assume that information and communication technology (ICT) will play an essential role in it, which introduces strong mutual dependencies between the power grid and the ICT infrastructure. The failing of either the power grid or the ICT infrastructure affects the other strongly. And even worse, the recovery from the failed state of one requires the working of the other. Therefore, there is a strong need for including the ICT infrastructure and its interplay with the power grid in the overall dependability analysis of the future power grid.

The driving question for my research is: How can we make sure that the wide introduction of ICT in the power grid does not decrease the overall dependability of the power supply?

To answer this question I focus on methods for modeling and analyzing dependability used in ICT and apply them to smart grid scenarios.

My PhD is part of a bigger project called “the next generation control centers for Smart Grids” (Project description).

I am working on WP 1 “Control centre task and work processes including data and information mapping” and WP 3.2 “Smart Power Grid Operation and Management - Optimization of structure and functionality”. The main focus is on the latter.

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