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PhD project: Information security incident management: improving the response capabilities of distribution system operators in the power industry
I am studying how information security incidents are being detected and responded to; both by technical measures and by human actions, and how the aftermath is performed; information sharing, lessons learnt, how experiences are transferred into the overall work with information security in companies operating power automation systems. This is studied with respect to both ICT systems and the power automation systems in order to identify cooperation, possible synergy effects from future cooperation and the management system in general.

My aim is to contribute to efficient and successful incident management in a smart grids environment, where the worlds of ICT and automation meet. This requires a socio-technical approach, as the field of research is neither only technology nor man, but indeed a combination of the two. It will be impossible to improve anything without addressing both.

PhD start date: 2011-05-01

Supervisors: Poul E. Heegaard, Danilo Gligoroski

Project plan: Research plan v3.0 - May 2013

Presentation of PhD project - November 2012

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