MSc in Telematics - Communication Networks and Networked Services

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The technology behind Internet, broadband, mobile telephony and wireless communication is under constant development. The fact that networks as well as the networked services are becoming a vital and integrated part of the networked society will increase the requirements to network performance, dependability and security. Students graduating from the MSc programme in Telematics will be able to make their careers within this exciting development.


About the Master program
The Master of Science in Telematics - Communication Networks and Networked Services, is a two year international master program, in which students can choose between specialisations in:

The master programme is open for applicants with a Norwegian BSc degree as well as applicants with an international recognized BSc degree. There is no tuition fee for this program. Students may be required to pay a semester fee, but this typically amounts to about 500 NOK per semester. The language of instruction in the Master program is English. More information about the study program can be found in the about the study programme page.

Job prospects
The MSc in Telematics is suitable for those who want to work with future challenges in the communication technology industry. You will receive a unique background in the field of Telematics, which is highly appreciated by the telecommunication industry, software industry and research institutes. There are high demands for graduates in Telematics. More information about job prospects can be found at the job prospects page.

Admission procedures

  • Applicants with a BSc degree from Norway or one of the other Nordic countries and that are Norwegian/Nordic citizens apply via SøknadsWeb by April 15th for admission in the fall semester.
  • Others applicants must fill out a preliminary application before December 1st in order to be considered for admission in the autumn of the following year(study start in August).