Fifth European PKI Workshop

16-17 June, 2008, Trondheim, Norway  

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The 2008 European PKI Workshop (EuroPKI'08) will be the fifth event in the EuroPKI Workshops series.

The European PKI Workshop series is focusing on all research aspects of
Public Key Applications, Services, and Infrastructures.
Previous EuroPKI workshops were held in Samos (EuroPKI'04), Kent (EuroPKI'05),
Torino (EuroPKI'06), and Mallorca (EuroPKI'07).

The EuroPKI'08 workshop venue is NTNU campus, Trondheim, Norway. The event is organized by the
Department of Telematics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and UNINETT.

Free Student Participation Available
Workshop participation fee waivers are available for up to five PhD students.
Apply for a workshop fee waiver by email to europkichairs@item.ntnu.no,
including name, affiliation, your reasons for applying, short vitae,and a confirmation from your professor,
within 18. April 2008. Student authors or co-authors will be given priority.

Invited keynote speaker is
Professor Peter Landrock
The EuroPKI workshop series aims to include both academic theory and industrial practice of Public Key Infrastructures, Services and Applications,
something that Peter Landrock has shown how to integrate in an excellent and successful way over two decades now with PKI research and development of products and services in Cryptomathic as.
His title is New PKI Protocols Using Tamper Resistant Hardware.