This page is old and is devoted to the version of Blue Midnight Wish that was originally submitted for the Round 1 of the SHA-3 hash competition. Please visit the following web page: Blue Midnight Wish cryptographic hash function entering the Second Round of SHA-3 hash competition

Blue Midnight Wish is a cryptographic hash function with output size of n bits where n = 224, 256, 384 or 512.

Its basic properties are given in the following table: bmwbasicproperties.jpg

Its conjectured cryptographic security is given below: bmwconjecturedstrength.jpg

Blue Midnight Wish has been designed to be much more efficient than SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions, while in the same time offering same or better security. Performances of 32-bit and 64-bit optimized versions are given below.

bmwspeed32bit.jpg bmwspeed64bit.jpg

You can see the whole submission package **HERE**.

New optimized C eBASH package for BMW256. It achieves 7.33 cycles/byte with Visual Studio 2005.

New optimized C eBASH package for BMW512. It achieves 3.68 cycles/byte with Intel C++ v11.