NEW: EDON-R has not been selected for the Second Round of SHA-3 hash competition. Although its design brought some new ideas for construction of ultra fast provable secure cryptographic primitives resistant to differential cryptanalysis, further development of EDON-R in this moment is stopped, and we are devoting our full efforts on Blue Midnight Wish hash function which is now in the Second Round of the SHA-3 hash competition.

NEW: If EDON-R hash function would be accepted to go in the second round of NIST SHA-3 hash competition it will be tweaked by the following tweak:

Instead of the old compression function R(oldPipe, M), now the compression function have the following feedback:

R(oldPipe, M) xor oldPipe xor M', where M is represented in two parts i.e. M = (M0, M1), and M' = (M1, M0).

The new package (documentation, source code, optimized code) can be downloaded from **HERE! **

The introduced tweak does not invalidates the cryptanalytic efforts to analyze the quasigroup operations used in EDON-R, as well as its function R( ). It also does not affect much the speed of the function. However, this tweak prevents finding free-start collisions and prevents all attacks based on free-start collisions. With the introduced tweak EDON-R has a structure as a double-pipe PGV7 hash scheme, since the function R(oldPipe, M) is a bijection if the value of M is kept fixed.

The speed of the optimized 32-bit version on defined reference platform with Intel C++ v11.0.072 is 6.70 cycles/byte for n=224,256 and 10.73 cycles/byte for n=384,512.

The speed of the optimized 64-bit version on defined reference platform with Intel C++ v11.0.072 is 4.87 cycles/byte for n=224,256 and 2.70 cycles/byte for n=384,512.

OLD anouncements: Edon-R is a cryptographic hash function with output size of n bits where n = 224, 256, 384 or 512.

Its basic properties are given in the following table: edon-rbasicproperties.jpg

Its conjectured cryptographic security is given below: edon-rconjecturedstrength.jpg

Edon-R has been designed to be much more efficient than SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions, while in the same time offering same or better security. Performances of 32-bit and 64-bit optimized versions are given below.

edon-rspeed32bit.jpg edon-rspeed64bit.jpg

You can see the whole submission package **HERE**.

New optimized C eBASH package for Edon-R256. It achieves 4.54 cycles/byte with Intel C++ v11.

New optimized C eBASH package for Edon-R512. It achieves 2.29 cycles/byte with Intel C++ v11.