Blue Midnight Wish cryptographic hash function entering the Second Round of SHA-3 hash competition

For this Second Round, Blue Midnight Wish cryptographic has been tweaked.

You can take the whole ZIPed submission package (~11MB) of the tweaked version **HERE**.

Or you can browse the submission package **HERE**.

Our tweaks are summarized in the file Round2Mods.pdf, and the updated documentation is given in the file BlueMidnightWishDocumentation.pdf

The tweaked version of Blue Midnight Wish continues to be in the line of the NIST expectations announced in the Federal Register Notice published on November 2, 2007: “NIST expects SHA–3 to have a security strength that is at least as good as the hash algorithms currently specified in FIPS 180–2, and that this security strength will be achieved with significantly improved efficiency.”

Namely, supposing that the meaning of the phrase “significantly improved efficiency” means at least 2 times faster than SHA-2 hash function, the performance of 32-bit and 64-bit optimized C versions are given below. In the forthcoming period, we hope that SSE and assembler versions will increase the speed of the function in the range of 20% - 40%.

bmwspeed32bit.jpg bmwspeed64bit.jpg