Einar Flydal

Position: Adjunct assistant professor
Office: B-214
Email: einar.flydal (at) telenor.com
Mobile: +47 900 49 913


Einar Flydal has his high degree (cand.polit.) from the University of Oslo (1983) in political science, and has also a Master of Telecom Strategy from the University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim (2002). Nevertheless, his professional life started as a radio and TV journalist, and his interests might be said to be firmly rooted within social anthropology, political activism, languages, and the ecology movement. Digging into new material that can challenge conventional wisdom and conventional solutions, creating bridges between such social stuff and ICT, and to teach the findings, is what drives him.


Since 1983, Einar has worked with Telenor in a variety of fields, i.a. corporate strategy development, field trials and research, radical innovation for environmentally friendly transportation, “office automation”, and in-house education. His wide-spread background outside Telenor spans from radio and TV productions on ethnic minorities and folk music, via statistical indicators at the Chair of Peace and Conflict Research at the University of Oslo, to work organization in the petroleum sector at the Work Research Institute, Oslo. He has even contributed with his “Lex Flydalis” to the regulations of the Norwegian continental shelf, and his responsibility for Norway not being member of the EU can - according to himself - be measured in percents of the votes in 1972 referendum. He has also worked with the Norwegian Ministry of Education and in IT companies on introducing ICT in Norwegian schools.

Present field of work:

At present, Einar chairs the Norwegian Mirror Committee on ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility to be launched in 2010, and participates as an expert in the ISO work group. He also performs some in depth work on ICT, environment, and societal development. In addition, he participates in related projects a little here.

Responsibilities at ITEM:

Course TTM 4 (lecturer)

Course TTM 4165 (responsible)