Frank Alexander Kraemer, Ph.D.

Research Interests
I am generally interested in methods, tools and techniques for the development of reactive systems. In my work, I focus in particular on the following topics:

My Ph.D. thesis Engineering Reactive Systems



  • MDE4NAS - Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering for Networked Ambient Systems (PC Member)
  • SAM 2010 - 6th Workshop on System Analysis and Modelling (Co-Chair)
  • IFIPTM 2008 - Joint iTrust and PST Conferences on Privacy, Trust Management and Security (Local Chair)
  • SDL Forum 2011 - 15th Int. Conference on System Design Languages, Toulouse (PC Member)


  • Arctis Entourage - NTNU Discovery Project
  • Arctis - Kommersialisering av FoU-resultater - NFR FORNY (since 2010)
  • ISIS - Infrastructure for Integrated Services (since 2007)
  • ARTS - Arena for Research on Advanced Telecom Services (2003-2006)