Curriculum Vitae for Norvald Stol

Nationality: Norwegian
Born: 1960
Present position: Associate professor

Academic degrees:
Doktor ingeniør ( from Department of telematics, NTNU, 1997.
Sivilingeniør (MSc) from Department of telematics, NTNU, 1983.

Work experience:
1984 – 1991: Research Scientist, ELAB/ELAB-RUNIT/SINTEF DELAB.
1991 – 1994: Research Scholar, NTH (on leave from SINTEF).
1994 – 1998: Research Scientist, SINTEF DELAB/SINTEF Telecom and informatics.
1998 – : Associate Professor, NTNU.

Have been supervising many Project and Master thesis students (2-3 pr. year).

Have been supervising three candidates to successful degrees:
• Frank Yong Li: “Quality of Service, Traffic Conditioning and Resource Management in Universal Mobile telecommunication Systems (UMTS)”, in 2003.
• Harald Øverby: “Quality of Service Differentiation, Teletraffic Analysis and network layer packet Redundancy in Optical Packet Switched networks”, PhD in 2005.
• Andreas Kimsås. Title: “Network Layer Studies of the Hybrid Optical Migration Capable Network with Service Guarantees”, PhD in 2011.

Is currently supervising two PhD candidates:
• Shuna Yang. Preliminary title: “Evaluation of Optical Network Architectures” (Started August 2010 – Expected to finish early autumn 2014).
• Raimena Veisllari. Preliminary title: “Optical Networks for the Future Internet” (Started September 2010 – Expected to finish early autumn 2014).

Fields of interest and present research activities:
My background (from 1984 on) is varied, e.g. development of planning tools, reliability studies of satellite system, different projects in the information security area, traffic and resource studies of integrated services systems and laboratory studies of traffic processes for Televerket (the earlier Norwegian telecom monopoly); development and implementation of traffic algorithms and studies of LAN/MAN technologies for Ericsson in Stockholm; modelling and performance studies of non-telecommunication systems, e.g. a simulator study of train-traffic in the Oslo area for NSB (the previous railroad authorities).

Current fields of interest include high capacity access and transport networks (the scientific area of associate professorship), mobile communication (3G/UMTS), Quality of Service aspects of networking, traffic modelling, and discrete event simulation. Main research focus is currently directed towards optical networking. This includes network architectures, switching, scheduling algorithms and control of information flow. Special focus have been on integrated hybrid optical network architectures, e.g. the OpMiGua (“Optical Migration capable networks with service Guarantees”) architecture, and lately the “3-Level Integrated Hybrid Optical Network” (3LIHON) architecture which is based on OpMiGua (yet to be published). Performance and dependability versus complexity and cost of switch and network architectures have been investigated. In addition to continuing similar studies for potential 3LIHON architecture(s), the investigations will now also include environmental aspects and energy efficiency.

Membership in academic and professional committees, scientific review work including peer-review, outreach activities, and other professional merits:
1999 – 2001: Member of the Board of the Faculty of electrical engineering and telecommunications, NTNU.
1999 – 2003: Chairman of the NIK (“Norsk Informatikk Konferanse” / “Norwegian Information Technology Conferences”) foundation.
2002 - 2005: Vice Head of the Department of telematics.
2005 – 2009: Head of the Department of telematics.
2011: (Acting) Vice head of the Department of telematics and member of the Department council.

Used as peer reviewer for many different conferences and journals, e.g. NIK, ONDM, JOCN and other OSA conferences/journals. Has also been session leader at conferences, e.g. NIK and ONDM.