Cross Entropy Ants System




Virtual connections

Service Deployment

Simulation tools

  1. Discret Event Simulation on SIMULA (Demos)
  2. ns-2
  3. ns-3
  4. peersim


The following persons have been involved in the development and application of CEAS. They are all current or former personnel at Department of Telematics (ITEM) or Centre of Excellence in Quantifiable Quality of Service (Q2S) at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

  • Prof Bjarne E. Helvik
  • Ass. prof. Poul Heegaard (former Telenor R&I)
  • Post doc Otto J. Wittner (now Uninett)

PhD students

  • Otto J. Wittner
  • Laurent Paguerau
  • Máté J. Csorba

MSc students

  • Anders Mykkeltveit
  • Nina Hesby
  • Vebjørn Kjeldsen
  • Tore Kristiansen
  • Jonathan Brugge