GenSyn - generator of synthetic Internet traffic

For the purpose of Quality of Service testing of new applications and network mechanisms in the Internet, a generator of controllable, scalable, synthetic but realistic IP traffic is required. This is the motivation for the development of GenSyn - a generator of  synthetic Internet traffic implemented in Java.

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GenSyn has defined a flexible and scalable modelling framework. The stochastic user behaviour is described by state diagrams. The model is scalable because it allows a composition of users in each state, instead of creating a new instance of the process for every user. The stochastic user behaviour model controls the creation of TCP connections and UDP streams through interface modules that links the GenSyn process to the underlying Internet protocol stack on the workstation. This means that on transitions between specific states in the stochastic model, an interface process will be initiated and IP packets are sent and received through the network. GenSyn is implemented in Java.

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If you woild like to try GenSyn just send me an email.

Useful trace files for the GenSyn models

Contact information

Poul Heegaard
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Department of Telematics
Email: poul.heegaard at
Phone: +47 9928 6858

Papers on GenSyn

  • Poul E. Heegaard. GenSyn - a Java based generator of synthetic Internet traffic linking user behaviour models to real network protocols. Presentation at ITC Specialist Seminar on IP Traffic Measurement, Modeling and Management, Sep 18-20, 2000, Monterey, CA (USA). pdf
  • Poul E. Heegaard. GenSyn - a generator of synthetic Internet traffic used in QoS experiments. Presentation at 15th Nordic Teletraffic Seminar. August 22-24, 2000 - Lund, Sweden pdf
  • Poul E. Heegaard: GenSyn - a Java-based generator of synthetic Internet traffic. UNINETT testnet seminar, University of Tromsø, Jan 26-27 2000.pdf

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