Short biography

Poul E. Heegaard received his degree (M.S.E.E. ) in 1989 from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), Trondheim, Norway. He was awarded the degree Dr. Ing. (PhD) from NTH, University of Trondheim in 1998. The title of the thesis is: "Efficient simulation of network performance by importance sampling".

Heegaard was Associate Professor (2006-2010) and since 2010 he has been Professor at Department of Telematics, NTNU. He was the coordinator of the Network Research area from 2004-2009, and 2009-2013 he was the head of the department. Now he is the Head of NTNU QUAM-lab (established in 2015)

From 1999 - 2009 he was Senior Research Scientist at Telenor R&I, and before that a Research Scientist and Senior Scientist at SINTEF Telecom and Informatics (1989-1999). In 1994-1998 he was a research scholar at Department of Telematics, NTNU, and in 1999 he became an adjunct associate professor at the same department.

His research interests cover performance, dependability and survivability evaluation and management of communication systems, and communication system interacting with other technical infrastructures such as Smart Grids. Special interests is monitoring, routing and management in dynamic networks. He has developed a java-based traffic generator called GenSyn. He has worked on rare event simulation techniques, and on distributed, autonomous and adaptive management and routing in communication networks and services. Heegaard has been active in several national (Norwegian Research Council) and international (EU-IST, COST, Celtic) research projects and collaborations.

Heegaard is the author/co-author of a number of research papers, reports and lecture notes. He has given numerous tutorials and talks in national and international meetings and conferences. He has been part of international organization committees (e.g. General Chair for RESIM 2012, local chair for Networking 2014), program committees (e.g. DSN 2011). He is also an expert reviewer for different journals and PhD committees.

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