Curriculum Vitae for Stig Frode Mjølsnes

I received the Sivilingeniør degree in Physical Electronics in 1980, and Dr.Ing. degree in Telecommunications in 1990, both at the Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim. The topic of the thesis was in the field of cryptographic protocols. Following various software engineering work from 1980 - 1983, my main affiliation from 1983 through 1999 was SINTEF (contract research organization) as a research scientist, working primarily on data security and applied cryptography projects. For one year 1987 - 1988, I was a visiting scientist at Centre of Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Amsterdam. I received a 3 month scholarship visiting Matematisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet, in 1994. Shorter scholarship visits have been made to USA, Japan and England. I accepted a three-year professor stipend at Stavanger University College during the period of 2000-2002. Additionally during 1999-2001, I held the position of adjunct associate professor at the Dep. of Computer Engineering, NTNU. Starting 2003, I hold a full professorship in information security at NTNU (Department of Telematics).

Stig Frode Mjølsnes' main professional interest is in the development of cryptographic protocols and security models to be applied in society at large. Main fields of knowledge are computer communications, information security, models and protocols, and digital payment and credential systems. He has 17 years of experience as a project leader in industrial research and development projects at SINTEF, with formal training from internal courses and seminars. He joined the continuing education seminar training in 1980-81 by the renowned GILA (Group studies in management and administration) of NIF, and the course Principled negotiations at NHH in 1995. In 1992-96, he was one of the initiators and a project leader in the ESPRIT project CAFE, proponing, throughout Europe, the concept and technology of communicating electronic wallets with digital cash. He was asked by IBM Research Zurich to join the ACTS Semper project in 1996, and he has been involved in many other initiatives within the fourth and fifth framework of European research. In particular, he has carried out the service of evaluator and auditor on a frequent basis both in the ACTS programme since 1994 and in 5FP IST. Internationally, he started fairly early in participating in the annual Eurocrypt conference (1986) and became a member of the Association of Cryptologic Research. He is also a member of the international engineering organizations of Tekna, IEEE and ACM.

Stig Frode Mjølsnes has on several occasions served as security technology expert on Norwegian governmental committees in security and privacy, such as health privacy, and cryptographic policy. Just recently, he was asked to write the initial draft of a new national research programme in information security. He was called as expert witness in several juridical cases, including the rather famous DVD DeCSS prosecution. He has worked on engineering analysis and design with respect to conditional access control in digital satellite television broadcast. Scientifically, he has maintained an interest in the technical approach of cryptographic protocols to help solve parts of the challenges of commercial access rights to digital content. He acted as committee leader for NORSK KRYPTOSEMINAR 2002 at NTNU in October 2002. In 2002, he was appointed committee executive manager of NTNU Research Programme for Information Security in the strategic focus area of ICT.