Chris Carr

Position: Ph.D research fellow
Research Area: Cryptography and Information Security
Office: B-220
Supervisor: Professor Colin Boyd
Co-supervisor: Professor Kristian Gjøsteen

Education Background

Royal Holloway University of London: MSc in Mathematics of Cryptography, 2011-12.
University of Keele : BSc (Honours) in Mathematics , 2006-09.


My current research interests are more or less broadly focused on the area of modern cryptocurrencies.

My most recent work within this area focuses on addressing some of the major issues in the current Bitcoin implementation and relevant to all ‘blockchained’ cryptocurrencies. Our paper develops a framework, onto which cryptocurrencies can be built that we argue comes with some considerable advantages over the hash chaining models. Our paper specifically targeted the issues of mining pools, and transaction delay, but has a nice adaptability, and has the potential to offer considerable advantages over Blockchained constructions.

Blockchain-Free Cryptocurrencies. A Rational Framework for Truly Decentralised Fast Transactions. – under review. Co-authors: X. Boyen, T Haines

I also have a previous paper on the area of Client Puzzles and their potential within the Bitcoin, and the more general Blockchain framework.

Fair Client Puzzles from the Bitcoin Blockchain – ACISP 2016. Co-author: C. Boyd

I have some experience in Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), where we looked at FHE and tried to formalise the early notions that emerged in this area, and present a clear, and holistic, guide for understanding FHE:

A Guide to Fully Homomorphic Encryption – The paper can be found on the eprint archive here, and is currently under review. Co-authors: F. Armknecht, C. Boyd, K. Gjøsteen, A. Jäschke, C. A. Reuter, M Strand

As well as interest in FHE, I have also worked on Identity Based Encryption (IBE), focusing on practical proposals for IBE in a multi-layered scenario under distinct private key generators (PKGs):

CARIBE: Adapting Traditional IBE for the Modern Key-Covetous Appetite. – Mycrypt 2016. Co-authors: D. Gligoroski and B. Hale

Master Level Projects

I have previously supervised master's level projects looking at implementing and using the CryptDB system, and another looking at secure timestamping systems.

Currently, I have a an ongoing project, along with Ernest Foo, involving students at Queensland University of Technology, focused on analysis of the Bitcoin transaction network, specifically targeting ransomware issues in the wake of the growing number of cases. I also have another project at NTNU, with Colin Boyd, which is looking into aspects of the Ethereum decentralised smart contract system.

Current Students: I am willing to consider project proposals in a variety of areas. If you have a suggestion you feel I would be interested in, please email me and we can discuss it.