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Publications: Cristin (Norwegian universities' research publication index).

September 2015:

August 2015:

  • PhD thesis accepted, defense is scheduled for Sept 28th.

April 2015:

February 2015:

  • Paper accepted at IFIP SEC 2014.
  • Writing up my thesis. Deadline: May 1st.

November 2014:

  • Completed observations of emergency preparedness exercises in three DSOs.
  • Presentation at Kraft IS in Oslo.

September 2014:

August 2014:

June 2014:

  • End of research visit at UCSB.
  • Analysis of findings from both large and small DSOs completed.

May 2014:

  • Paper accepted in Computers & Security.
  • Completed interviews with six DSOs on their preparedness for targeted attacks against industrial control systems.

April 2014:

  • Feature article (kronikk) i Teknisk Ukeblad: Eksersis mot strøm-hackere.

March 2014:

  • Planning a study on cyber situation awareness among control room operators.

February 2014:

  • Finished coding interviews and documentation from small DSOs.
  • Have transcribed all interviews from small DSOs, thorough analysis is next step.

January 2014:

December 2013:

  • Completed all required PhD courses!
  • Completed seven interviews in three small distribution system operators (DSOs). Will perform a comparison analysis of findings in large and small DSOs.

November 2013:

  • Revising my research questions. Still identifying current practice among DSOs, working on a paper presenting the findings. Including resilience engineering theory, aiming to apply this on DSOs in order to improve their response capabilities. Research plan v3 is outdated.
  • Planning a research visit to University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014, January-July.

October 2013:

September 2013:

August 2013:

  • Completed midterm evaluation of my PhD project.

June 2013:

  • Finished coding all interviews and documentation.

May 2013:

  • Paper accepted at IEEE Africon 2013
  • Is selected for participation in Forsker Grand Prix in September.
  • Updated research plan, v3.0 is now available at the bottom of this page. Changelog: publication plan.

April 2013:

  • Have transcribed all 19 interviews, thorough analysis is next step.

March 2013:

  • New main supervisor, as Prof Svein J. Knapskog is retiring: Prof Danilo Gligoroski.

February 2013:

  • Updated research plan, v2.0 is now available at the bottom of this page.

January 2013:

  • Contribution accepted for ERCIM NEWS no 92, special theme: Smart Energy Systems

December 2012:

November 2012:

  • During 2013 I will perform a second phase of data collection; a study of small DSOs. The study is yet to be designed, but currently it seems highly probable that it will mainly be based on semi-structured interviews, as was the first phase.
  • I am attending a PhD course on resilience and ICT security, aiming at transferring central principles from the concept of resilience engineering into my research field of info security incident management.
  • Presentation at IFEA Datasikkerhet in Bergen.
  • Presentation at Kraft IS in Oslo.

October 2012:

September 2012:

August 2012:

  • I am currently performing semi-structured interviews as part of my case study. The informants represent three different roles in a set of large distribution system operators (DSO); CIO/Head of ICT, CISO/Head of ICT Security, and Head of control room/power automation systems. 19-20 interviews will be carried out in this study, all before Christmas 2012. Detailed analyses will be performed during Spring 2013.

April 2012:

PhD project: Information security incident management: improving the response capabilities of distribution system operators in the power industry
I am studying how information security incidents are being detected and responded to; both by technical measures and by human actions, and how the aftermath is performed; information sharing, lessons learnt, how experiences are transferred into the overall work with information security in companies operating power automation systems. This is studied with respect to both ICT systems and the power automation systems in order to identify cooperation, possible synergy effects from future cooperation and the management system in general.

My aim is to contribute to efficient and successful incident management in a smart grids environment, where the worlds of ICT and automation meet. This requires a socio-technical approach, as the field of research is neither only technology nor man, but indeed a combination of the two. It will be impossible to improve anything without addressing both.

PhD start date: 2011-05-01

Supervisors: Poul E. Heegaard, Danilo Gligoroski

Project plan: Research plan v3.0 - May 2013

Presentation of PhD project - November 2012

Interview guide - small DSOs