Research area: Information security

Research activites

The main research activities at the research area include:

  • Cryptology and communication security (Mjølsnes, Gligoroski) [+]

    Cryptology and communication security (Mjølsnes, Gligoroski) [–]

    Focuses on public key and hash functions, cryptographic protocols, multi-party computations and disruption robustness. PhD students are involved in projects related to Internet voting and secure multiparty computation. The research area (Gligoroski) has been involved in the NIST hash competition for the next SHA-3 standard with the contributions Edon-R and Blue Midnight Wish (BMW). BMW reached the second round of the competition, and was among the fastest algorithms submitted for the contest. The research area has also contributed to new algorithms for ultra-fast public key cryptographic schemes.
  • Access control (Gligoroski) [+]

    Access control (Gligoroski) [–]

    Focuses on biometric authentication, intrusion detection and prevention.
  • System aspects [+]

    System aspects [–]

    Focuses on trust management and quantifiable security. Methods from the dependability discipline are adapted to the security domain in order to quantify security measures.
  • Digital forensics (Mjølsnes, Willassen) [+]

    Digital forensics (Mjølsnes, Willassen) [–]

    Aims at better understanding the properties of digital tracks as technical evidence in after-the-fact investigations in networked systems. Topics studies include timestamp logic, mobile phone evidence extraction.


The research area is a part of the following projects:




Please contact the research area coordinator Professor Stig Frode Mjølsnes.