Current projects

  • EU FP7 ITN: “CleanSky - Network for Cloud Computing Eco-System”
  • Telenor collaboration “End-to-end differentiation of services”
  • NTNU project “The next generation control centres for Smart Grids” (Jonas)
  • NTNU/IME lighthouse “CAMOS”
  • NTNU/IME lighthouse “OADE”
  • NTNU SO: “Performance modelling and analysis of SDN” (Ameen)

Plans for funding

The lab goal is to recruit 2 new PhD students and 1 postdoc every year.


  • We will submit at least on project application to NFR IKT2025 as a joint team (including all three professors currently listed).
  • Continue and extent the Smart Grid activity and apply for future NFR EnergiX calls with other (mostly IME) departments. Will also take an active role in an upcoming FME call.
  • Continue and extent the collaboration with Telenor.
  • Make a long term plan to position the lab for known and expected upcoming call in NFR (IKT2025) and EU (Horizon2020)
  • Explore possibilities for collaborations with other labs at ITEM.