Traffic Analysis of Communication Networks

The course is taught every second year at NTNU. The course code is TM8102.

Course Introduction

Learning goals : The goals are two-fold. Knowledge: 1) A broad knowledge of network mechanisms contributing to the provision of quality of service in Internet networks. 2) An in-depth understanding of analytical models and methods in describing, studying and understanding traffic and traffic handling in Internet networks, which include classical queueing analysis methods and network calculus. B. Skills: 1) To be able to communicate, reason and creatively think about traffic issues in Internet networks. 2) To be able to quantitatively model and evaluate Internet networks with respect to quality of service guarantees using classic queueing theory and / or traffic theories for the Internet.

Topics : Queuing theory and network calculus. Model and problem formulations for communication networks. Source models and traffic characterization. Server models. Analysis of loss and delay, dimensioning of links and nodes, optimization. Strategies for traffic handling, scheduling, routing, and control.

Prerequisite : TTM4158 Dependability and Performance Design or equivalent

Course material: Lecture notes, selected book chapters and papers.

Teaching methods: Lectures, colloquiums / presentations, and exercises

The First Lecture

The first lecture will be given on 12 Jan (Thursday) 2017, from 9:15am at meeting room Savannen (B212, Elektroblokk B).