TTM9 - Course information


Traffic and dependability, laboratory in tools and methodology (Norwegian: Trafikk og pålitelighet, laboratorium i verktøy og metodikk)



ECTS credits


Learning goals

To become familiar with tools and methods for studying traffic- and dependability properties of communications technology systems, and to acquire skills.


Discrete event simulation and analytical methods are used to evaluate solutions and understand phenomena in ICT systems. Complexity and need for processing power require use of powerful tools. In this subject the emphasis is on Simula/DEMOS as simulation language and Mathematica as computational tool. The subject encompasses development of simulation models, structuring, measurements, computation of confidence intervals, and presentation of results. Solution of analytical models in Mathematica, postprocessing of data, and graphical presentation of results. There will be given laboratory tasks to demonstrate typical problems.

Lab reports

  • Reports shall be prepared as required in the lab. definition document.
  • All three hand-ins are compulsory. For each task, a report with code included is to be delivered by e-mail to: and
    (Although this is not expected to become a problem, it should, for formal reasons, be mentioned that all hand-ins must be in a passable condition to be accepted.)
  • In addition a final report, based on the hand-ins from Tasks 1-3, shall be handed in.
    The eventual grading of the theme will be based solely on this final lab. report.

Recommended background