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Trace driven ns-2 simulation of Rate Adaptive MPEG-4 VBR Video

The paper "Evalvid-RA: Trace Driven Simulation of Rate Adaptive MPEG-4 VBR Video" by Arne Lie and Jirka Klaue is published in ACM/Springer Multimedia Systems Journal autumn 2007. A local copy is available here. The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com, for direct link use http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00530-007-0110-0.

This page contains information about Evalvid-RA, which is a tool-set for trace file simulation of rate adaptive MPEG-4 video. It was created by modifying the original Evalvid v1.2 (from Technical University of Berlin), original ns-2 interface of Evalvid (Taiwan), and implementing a rate adaptive version of SVBR into ns-2.

Note that Evalvid-RA is not (at the time of this writing) compatible with EvalVid 2.x. The practical impact of this is that one have to work on "raw" *.m4v files, and not the ISO Media File format *.mp4. Thus it is not possible to hint *.m4v files with certain MTU settings, as it is possible with *.mp4 files. The MTU parameter is however given directly in the ns-2 simulation, and the packetization will hence follow this MTU parameter without taking notice of macro-block boundaries.

Sample test files and presentation

The following test sample *.mp4 files was created by an early version of a new "rate adaptive" version of et.exe  named et_ra.exe, and modified ns-2 interface (compared to the interface made by Chih-Heng Ke, Taiwan). If the files do not play directly in your browser, manually download the files, and play them using e.g. QuickTime v7.x.

Software downloads

The source code included in the winzip file is for pre-processing, ns-2 simulation, and post-processing. It is tested on Windows XP SP2 platform with Cygwin latest build, and using ffmpeg v0.4.9-pre1 build 4756. Project files for MS Visual Studio are included, and cover tools for pre- and post-processing. The C-files, TCL and AWK scripts are for the ns-2 simulation, and is tested on ns-2.28. The files are complete (not patch files) and should therefore be possible to install on both older and newer ns-2 versions. See README.txt files and command.txt file for installation and usage instructions.

Current version:

Past versions:


A list of some of the Evalvid-RA users that has contacted me since 2008. Some of these have also contributed in identifying bugs: