Bjarne E. Helvik
Position: Professor
Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
E-mail:               Public PGP key
Phone: +47 73 59 26 67
Fax: +47 73 59 27 90 (+47 73 59 69 73)
Office: E-267 [O.S. Bragstads plass 2E] Map
S-mail: Department of Telematics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
NO-7491 Trondheim; NORWAY

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Principal academic at the Norwegian Centre of Excellence for Quantifiable Quality of service in Communication systems CoE  - Q2S


Overview of current research projects

The work is directed towards enabling robust, cost-efficient, self-organizing and self-repairing highly dynamic networks and tele-service providing systems. To develop technology for cost efficient provision of differentiated dependability. Validate the quantitative properties of these solutions by modelling, analysis, simulation and measurements. The work takes place within the following projects:

For further information on results achieved and co-workers, etc.  in the above projects, as well as miscellaneous activities, see the Q2S annual reports.

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