Professor Stig F. Mjølsnes
Department of Telematics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Overview of Research Activities
August 10, 2008

Cryptographic Protocols

The general research aim is to understand cryptographic protocols, their design and potentiality for securing distributed computerized communication systems. Crypto-protocols can be considered distributed algorithms that employ cryptographic functions. Their computational multiparty goals are to restrict, establish and preserve information (security properties) robust against intentional modifications to the protocol rules. Currently, the research is focussed in three projects:

Digital Tracks

Information privacy concerns with respect to digital tracks made by using ICT have a long tradition of inquiry in the academic cryptographic literature, for instance in digital cash and e-voting schemes. Converseley, as people and commercial activites are introduced onto networked systems, the other side of the coin is bound to emerge too, namely the threats and incidents of illegal behaviour. Scientifically speaking, understanding the informational aspects of digital tracks has applications to both privacy and forensic concerns.