TTM4115 Design of Reactive Systems 1

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Schedule for Spring 2017

Lectures and exercises are combined. Thursday, 8:15 - 12:00 EL 6.

Some important stuff for the first weeks:

  • First lecture is January 12th, 8:15, EL 6
  • We form teams already in the first lecture
  • You will receive instructions for the first RAT (a test) scheduled already for Jan. 19th.
  • If you cannot attend the first lecture, send an email to

Team-Based Learning

The course will use team-based learning. This is a learning technique to ensure active learning in small teams. It will make this course intensive, but also the source of much fun. (You will like it.) I will provide an introduction into team-based learning at the beginning of the semester. Some features of team-based and active learning:

  • You will be part of a team of 5 to 7 students that stays constant during the semester.
  • You will receive a preparation guide that will help you to prepare for a lecture, for instance by reading a book chapter, doing a specific exercise or watching a video.
  • We will do several readiness assurance tests (RATs). These are multiple-choice tests that are easy to solve when you are reasonably prepared. They also count towards the final grade.
  • The team will help during the RAT, and this also counts towards the final grade.
  • We will keep traditional (boring, one-way) lectures to a minimum.
  • We will do interesting team activities.

This is how doing the team-RATs often looks like:



Your final grade for this course will consist of three components:

  • A semester project, done in teams (40%). There are several deliveries throughout the semester.
  • Readiness assurance tests (30%). These are several multiple-choice tests that cover the reading material. The RATs are carried out throughout the semester, on Thursdays at 8:15.
  • Individual deliveries (30%). There are several deliveries throughout the semester.

There is no final exam in the course.


We use two books for the course:

  • Learning UML 2.0, from Russ Miles and Kim Hamilton, published by O'Reilly. ISBN:978-0-596-00982-3. The book should be available in sufficient quantities at Akademika on Gløshaugen.
  • TTM4115 Kompendium, which includes selected chapters from the book Software Requirements, Third Edition. You will get access to this digital compendium free of charge via Blackboard.

In addition to these two books, we will use other articles, videos, blog posts, and course-specific material.

Stats and Metrics 2016

Lecture attendance over time. There are 121 students registered in total.

The scores of the RATs over time. In blue the individual results, in yellow the results achieved by students in their teams.

Experiment: I asked students to evaluate their level of preparation for each RAT. The x-axis shows the scores of the test, the y-axis the effort on a scale from 0 to 5. The size of the bubble corresponds to the number of pairs of test results within a range and the effort of preparation.