Specialization project (spring 2018)

This course is mandatory for master's students in their last year at the Department of Telematics. It is intended as a pre-project for the master's thesis.

During the pre-project, the student should get acquainted with the selected topic and elaborate his/her own research project based on the original project topic proposal. Examples of tasks include: conducting a literature survey, testing hypotheses and scenarios, getting familiar and/or evaluating possible tools or methods, and developing a prototype.

The expected outcome of the pre-project is a short report that shall serve as master's thesis project proposal.

Important dates

Feb 5 2018 Start date for the project
Feb 14 2018 09:15-10:00 Introduction meeting slides
May 2 2018 12:00 (noon) Deadline for submitting the project report
May 24 2018 Presentation day

Templates for the report

The report must be written using one of the following templates:

Presentation day (Thu May 24 2018)


20 minutes per student; 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions.


Attendance to the entire presentation day is compulsory.

Templates for the presentation