TTM4526 Services and Systems Engineering, Specialization Course

TTM4526 - Tjenester og systemutvikling, fordypningsemne

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Timetable for Autumn 2016

Tuesday 14:15 - 16:00 EL2

The fist meeting will be on August 23 from 14:15 to 16:00 in EL2.

Team-Based Learning

In 2016, the course will be held according to the principles of team-based learning albeit in a modified form. In essence, it means that you get the chance to learn and prepare the course content more independently and on your own terms. The lecture time is used more actively, with a combination of mini-lectures on special topics, summary and repetition, multiple-choice tests and special team assignments.

During the first lecture, you'll get an introduction to team-based learning. Until then, here are the main reasons why we use this technique in the course:

  • Traditional lectures and exercises are merged, to have more activity and make the lecture less boring.
  • You will get enough preparation time to study the course content, with a combination of articles, book chapters and completely new exercises.
  • The multiple-choice questions for each unit show how well you have understood the initial content.
  • The team-based activities help you to apply knowledge and also give you immediate feedback on your progress.

Though there is one important issue to make all of this possible:

You are required to prepare the lecture in advance. Well before a unit starts, we will provide you with a reading guide, that explains what you need to read and follows you during the preparation. Of course, that means less effort of learning right before the exam, and in general a dramatically improved learning outcome.

Course Content

As a specialization course, we have the opportunity to look on current and advanced topics in model-based engineering of distributed applications. This year, our focus will be on the development of dynamically adaptable and self-adaptable systems. We will use OSGi, that emerged as highly suitable platform for dependable systems, as well as our engineering technique Reactive Blocks. Further, we can look on other relevant aspects of system engineering, in particular, security issues.

Literature and other Material

  • As learning book about OSGi, we recommend OSGi in Action by Richard S. Hall, Karl Pauls, Stuart McCulloch, and David Savage. Copies for that book were ordered via Akademika / SiT Tapir.
  • Other printed material will be provided via the course pages on It's Learning.


The exams will be the single source of grading. They will be held orally which fits well to the interactive concept of Team-based Learning.


no_picture.jpg Lecture, exercises and exam: Amirhosein Taherkordi,
34.jpg Organization: Peter Herrmann,

As main medium for coordination with you, we use It's Learning.