TTM4546 Digital Economics, Specialization Course

Main objective

The main objective of the course is to provide students with deep insights into advanced topics in digital economics. The course will be taught through a combination of lectures, student presentations and exercises. Detailed learning goals are also formulated.

Course content

The course consists of three parts:

Teaching activities

Teaching activities are scheduled to specific dates. See the teaching schedule for details.


One of the main objectives in teaching is to engage all students in order to create a positive learning environment and to enable you to perform as best as possible. This can be best achieved for you by participating in the teaching activities arranged as a part of this course, including:

  • Prepare for lectures by reading appropriate book chapter/papers from the curriculum.
  • Attend lectures and presentations, and be an active participant in the discussions during the lectures/presentations.
  • Prepare and present a topic for the rest of the class (student presentations).
  • Perform problem-solving exercises.

Students are welcome to discuss with the staff, just contact us after lecture, at our offices or by e-mail.

The theme TTM4546 builds directly on the following course, considered as necessary background:

It is recommended (but not necessary) for the students to have knowledge from these courses:


Total mark is given as a combination of work (50 %) and oral exam (50 %). See lecture schedule for exam date. The questions for the exam will be based on the defined learning goals. The learning goals can be mastered by careful study of the curriculum and attending scheduled teaching activities.